Pan Singh Tomar (PST) is a movie with exotic ingredients of performances, art, dialogues, humor which makes it a sumptuous dish. I had it so much, am unable to absorb the aftertaste, so puking out some of it.

PST is a well made biopic of a man (title played by Irffan, he has outdone himself and others) who is a subedar with IMA and represents army at a national level athlete called staple chase. He doesn’t get to go to the borders during war as his seniors think that he is well off doing the sports thing and should do that only.

Back home in Morena, MP, some mishaps happen that made him become a baaghi not a dacoit (as he said beehad mein baaghi bante hain, dacoit to parliament mein hote hain). Rest all is his revenge tale.

Last year there was ‘The dirty picture’ (which was realy dirty) which has the famous dialogue “movies become hit because of entertainment, entertainment, entertainment”. PST has entertainment 100 times more than TDP.

PST has proved once again that there is nothing called art movie. Every good movie has art in it. PST is no exception.

The movie is based in MP (morena, gwalior, bhind, Chambal are some frequent names u get to hear). The lingo of the movie is bundelkhandi and it’s quite consistent in this 2hr 20 min movie. The dialogues and humor have come out very well in this language, kudos to the writers and linguistic team.

I also like the way Paan Singh trains his team using army methodology, making him team exercise like an army men. And when he dictates his order to some one, he also prompts “bolo haan”

Bollywood doesn’t really boast of great biopics, I wish PST starts that trend. It has raised the bar for ‘Bhag Milka Bhag’ which is gonna be a biopic on Milka Singh and will star Farhan Akhtar.

So are you going to watch PST?

Bolo haan!